Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Mother's Thoughts....

First, I would just like to say that I have written on here TWICE in the past couple of days...I'm trying to get better! Anyways, God has been so good to us lately (as He is always, although sometimes it's hard to see it!). In the past 3 weeks we've had tons of showings on the house~which is a huge blessing seeing as how we are moving in September (to Texas, if I haven't said!) and we NEED to sell our home. Kind of bittersweet, but I will write about that later:) The week has been unusually busy, probably because of the summer and there are TONS of military moving to this area. So, I got a little stressed on Tuesday....the realtor's wanted to come during Ethan's nap time and gave me an hour and a half window~no problem, right? Usually it wouldn't have been, however they came 10 minutes past the alloted time. Ethan was way overdue for his nap, and if you know my child he needs his naps...AND I need a break! On top of this, our house has to look PERFECT everyday just incase there is a showing. Anyone with a newborn, infant and/or toddler knows that a house can never always be clean. We are so busy with our children that if we get the dishes clean and bottles washed we are having a good day. Seriously! I might be a little dramatic right now but it was just event after event leading up to my total meltdown of CRYING! I haven't cried in quite a while...but the stress was getting to me. It was like I had to meet everyone's needs but my own, and if they weren't happy....I had to hear about it!  On top of that, Ethan was being fussy and throwing tantrums left and right...apparently, I wasn't meeting his needs :(  Finally the husband came home and I had some time away from my son ( I won't lie~every Mom needs that now and again~and it was good). Jeremiah began to tickle him and and throw him up in the air (things only Daddy's are good for  :). Ethan's laugh filled the house and just like that I was whole again. It's amazing how your child's laugh or giggle can make the biggest of messes seem so very small. Things were put into perspective and I realized "that this to, shall pass." Our house won't be on the market forever and then we can be as messy as we want :)  I soon realized why God put me on the earth and placed me in this exact stage in my life~ to love and be loved. The gift of being a wife is special indeed, but the gift of motherhood stirs my heart and has/is still transforming me into the woman that God designed for me to be. 

 My two reasons for living!

His laugh and smile just melts my heart!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Shannon's Big Day!!!

Life has been very crazy and wonderful for the Kline family over the past two years. First, Jeremiah and I tied the knot, then came Ethan (not even a year later :), Haley married her hunny, Andy in March (who are going to be parents in January!!) and now it was Shannon's turn to say "I Do" to her sweetheart Jesse! I'm reminded that God is so good and gracious. No matter how long you've known someone, if you are joined together by the Lord, it's never too fast! It has also been proven that the Carlson/Klines are very fertile! So, we tend to get pregnant rather quickly!

On to the details~ we had a fabulous time with family this weekend. Shannon and Jesse were married on his/their front lawn, rolling hills, beautiful willow trees and a 1800 yearold home in the distance~ which will be there home. It was Jesse's grandfather's's amazing! I totally felt like I was in a movie, and could totally be seen necking with my beau, like in an old southern movie. The colors streamed of pinks, greens, golds and browns, mason jars holding candles were hidden in the trees, each area was covered with a detail that you knew Shannon was a part of :) 

The ceremony was so special, like all wedding ceremonies are special. Gene Purcell (the same pastor who married Jeremiah and I) officiated. It was so wonderful to see him (we bonded over my wedding-he lost his wife to cancer and of course I lost my Charlie too, it was sweet that we could talk about those things) and his WIFE! How wonderful! Finding love again is a true treasure and it was such a gift to talk Gene about it! 

Shannon looked just radiant and you could totally tell by Jesse's expression that he was just taken away by her. It was so sweet. What was even cooler was that they had never shared a kiss together. Their first kiss would be as husband and wife :) How neat is that?!  Ethan did great as one of the ringbearers. He, Paxton and Mara were pulled down the aisle by none other than a Radio Flyer wagon. They totally stole the show! Of course all Ethan wanted to do was bite on the side of the wagon-poor guy, he was teething pretty badly!

The whole weekend was a fairytale! Shannon and Jesse did a fabulous job planning and creating their dream wedding! We love you two so much! Now, on to pictures! Enjoy!

Here comes Ethan! He loved crawling in the grass!


 Our Family!
Ethan and Aunt Shannon, before the ceremony!

Doesn't this totally look like a Pottery Barn Kids or Gap ad?!

 Ethan had his own cupcake!
 Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Labenz!!
Before the Big Kiss~ he's giving her the look of love :P
The Carlson baby cousins! (and 3 are on the way!)
The Kline Family at the Rehearsal! (in front of Jesse's home!)