Monday, September 14, 2009

Moving, a New House and a Get-a-way Weekend

Ah, Moving Day! A common word known amongst us Army Wives and Husbands. I never thought that they would fill this ginormous truck with our stuff, but I assure you, they did. I was very fortunate to have one of my best friends, Brianne, helping me to man Ethan. She was a big help. Thanks, girl! After one full day of packing boxes and a half day of filling the truck....we were done! I haven't fully realized that we are leaving Colorado yet. It's been a very special place for me over the past 4 1/2 years. I'm sure I won't realize it until we hit the Texas border, my hair turns into cotton candy from the humidity, and I'm drenched with sweat that it will truly sink in. Needless to say, I'm very excited about the new adventure that God has in store for Jeremiah, Ethan and I. I love this quote, I've heard it tons of times but not sure who actually wrote it...."You never really leave a place you love. Part of it you take with you, leaving part of you behind."

It has truly been a joy to see Keri's little girl, Skylar and my little dare devil, Ethan play together. Keri and I have known each other for 5 years. She knows the in's and out's of my life, and was there for the worst and best moments! I will miss you girl and thank you for being a sister to me!
So, Keri bought Skylar a cardboard play house (super cute)! Well, I'm not sure if they had more fun playing in the house as we did taking their picture. This also allowed my son to learn to climb through the window of the house. (Should I be worried about this later on in his teenage years?!)

My little munckin! Brianne and I went to the Broadmoor before she left Colorado. We had a fun time, did some shopping and took a few photos. This was one of Ethan in exactly the same spot that Jeremiah and I were married. Little did we know 2 years after we were married, we would have a 13 month old baby boy. God truly works in ways I never knew possible!

Yay, for a get-a way weekend with my hubby! We had a fabulous time in Destin, Florida. He has been at Fort Rucker (Mother Rucker, as it is more commonly known) for 3 weeks for Flight Medic School training. We thought it was long overdue for a much needed weekend with just the two of us, no Ethan. Thanks to Haley, Andy and Keri, it totally worked and it was a weekend that I will never forget. Since we married in September 2007, we've been together for a total of 10 months, with a deployment in between and a child :) Talk about your fast track in the Army ;) We ended up shopping, getting a massage and eating lots of great food (that normally would have gotten cold if Ethan had been there :) I'm totally and madly in love with my husband! (and of course, Ethan too!)

My son loves cottage cheese! Well, all I can say is that he didn't get it from me. I just wanted to document the event and to show everyone just how cute he is, even with rasberries and cottage cheese on his face!

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  1. I love his little cheeks when he smiles! I'm soo bummed we missed each other in Texas, but Ethan will have tons of fun playing with Bella. She's a riot!