Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Good-bye Colorado.....

I can't say enough about Colorado. From the Rockies, to the changing of seasons, to the many precious people that have come along my way, I have found it a privilege to live here for 4 1/2 years. Totally being wrapped up in God's majestic nature has been humbling. I often thing to myself, 'How can someone look at these gorgeous mountains and see the seasons change and not believe in the God who created all this for us to enjoy??' I have lots of history here: I came to Colorado with one husband and am leaving with another husband and son, I came here only knowing a hand full of people and am leaving with prayer warriors and friends that I love.Even though I experienced my great tragedy here, I am overjoyed with the plans that the Lord has set forth for my family and the precious, precious women, sisters who I have met and will know and hold dear to for the rest of my life. Thank you, Jesus, for the everlasting love that you show us through friends that You draw near to us.
** Disclaimer: this next part might be sad for some, just warning you!**
One of the families that God has blessed my with is the Rue Family. Charlie and I met Keri and Micah 5 years ago at Fort Knox, while they were hosting OCF at their home. It seems like we were just little girls back then, biding the time while our husbands were at OBC, not sure how we were going to make it for 10 days while our husbands were in the field, and wondering how we could even fathom a year without them but trying to make the best of it. It was as if God was already drawing us together to be best friends....little did I know how much I would need her in the coming months. Then over night, things changed. Charlie had died....just like that. No warning, no knowledge about how to become a widow.....I was one. I had gotten shoved into a group that I did not want to belong to. Thank goodness I had a great group of girl friends there for me, one of them being Keri. From this moment on Keri has given me lots of funny laughs, lots of thought provoking questions, lots of great food and mojitos :), lots of good advice ( I love our conversations, girl!) and lots of love for me, Charlie, Jeremiah and Ethan. She stood right beside me when I married Jeremiah. She has seen me at my worst and at my best and everything in between. She is my Keri and I just love her and praise the Lord for giving my her as a best friend! Ok, so these are our 'See ya later' pictures because we are going to see each other again!

Pikes Peak

Our little munchkins- it took me three or four trys before this cute picture was achieved!

I love this photo of Skylar! Doesn't see look like Keri?!

The Kline and Rue Families! I just had to post this photo just to show you what taking photos with kids entails. Keri has the better copy :) I think Ethan did NOT want to move to Texas :)

My BFF :)

Skylar and Ethan <3>
(They are totally going to get married one day :)

We miss you guys already!! Ethan sends Skylar hugs and kisses! We love you!

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  1. Ahh, thanks Mary-Anne! I miss you guys!! And I love that last picture of Ethan and Skylar, it's precious!