Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hobby Lobby is my BFF.

I love working on crafts. My love for spur of the moment projects died a few years ago but is slowly regaining it's strength back into my life...Yippee! I was just introduced to Hobby Lobby a few years ago and have loved it every since. Jo-Ann's and Michael's are also wonderful (I'm totally not knockin' them!) but since we don't have either of these in Killeen, Hobby Lobby is where I shop for the latest in seasonal decor and other things too. First, I have signed up for their weekly email that gives the latest and greatest items for sale...I'm so not talking about ameasly 10% or 20%....I'm talking about 30% to 50% off items. It's a shoppers dream come true, plus I'm trying to jump on board with all my fellow bargain hunters. Then you get a 40% off coupon of a non-sale item. Genius!

I just wanted to post a few fun holiday (simple) projects. I love looking at ideas from friends, and so I thought ya'll would like to do the same. The first one is very simple. We always get a real Christmas tree every year. The tree farms that we buy from usually cut off some of the bottom branches so that your tree can fit nicely in your tree stand. Growing up, we would use the extra branches on the piano top and place lights or pictures throughout the branches. Really whatever you want to put on the branches. This year I did something I've never tried but loved it and only took about 10 minutes (the longest part was tying the bow-what can I say, I'm a perfectionist!)
  • Take 3-5 branches, tie some green floral wire around the branch tops (make sure the branch tops are even) enough to make it really tight and manageable to place a bow around the wire to make it look elegant (and to hide the wire!)
  • Then place an already made bow or some ribbon (the color choice is yours-I used red!) around the green wire and make your own bow.
  • Next, take some green floral wire and create a hook to hang your swag of frasier fir.
  • Finally, choose an awesome location to hang up your masterpiece. You never know, it might even be the newest thing to do with those extra branches of your Christmas tree =) (I'm sure I'm not the first person to ever do this!)

The finished product!

The next project was a centerpiece for our kitchen table! Every table needs one, whether its flowers or a candle. I used 3 vases Jeremiah and I had gotten for a wedding gift but hadn't used yet. They were cracked (they came that way!) so it was perfect for reflecting light. Again, I went to Hobby Lobby to let my imagination run wild. I picked up 1 bag of red glittery ball vase fillers (50% off) and 2 cartons of jingle bells (50% off). I used only 1 carton of jingle bells. I did want to use candles (cause I love them and sell them!), votives to be exact. I filled the bottom portion with the red ball vase fillers, placed the candle (it was in a clear votive holder!) on top of the fillers, then began filling the sides of the votive with jingle bells and red glittery vase fillers. I also happened to have some twigs with crystal beads on them (also a purchase from the HB!) and placed two to three twigs in each vase. Voila! I had a centerpiece for my table that I actually really love. I realize this might not be your cup of tea, but I like it! Let your creative juices flow =) Oh, the middle vase is larger than the other two. I opted not to put a candle in that vase but pine cones instead! Use whatever you have =) The cost of what I did have to buy was probably (and I'm totally guessing cause I can't find the receipt!) between 5-7 dollars!

The best thing is that is smells awesome! I love my Cozy Christmas votives =)

The candles are lit! Gives a warm, wonderful glow in the kitchen!



  1. I love your ideas! And the centerpiece is fabulous!!

  2. Great craft ideas. But I must say, I'm as impressed with your photography as your craftiness! (I'm a photographer by heart, though not by trade!) :)