Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It takes TWO.

or three or four...... :) :)

We are very excited and bittersweetly announcing that Ethan is going to be a BIG BROTHER in about 9 months :) I must say I was very surprised! All I could think about was Ethan and how much I love him and how could I possibly love another child. Well, I know it's possible. Look at my Mom and Dad with me and Andy. They did a great job with us and loving us equally. I hope I can do the same.

Another milestone and joy~filled event for us, but bittersweetly so. I truly longed to speak to Andy to tell him of this awesome news. He would have been so proud to be an Uncle, again. I hope he is looking down on us, knowing how much we miss and love him. Is it always going to be like this? With JOY comes sorrow? With wonderful news comes sadness. In a way, yes. No matter what happens down here, we will always long to be with him, to be with our Father who loves us more than anything, unconditionally. So, happy 2 months in Heaven, my dear Bubbie. I know you are having a phenomenal time with friends, family and JESUS. I love you and miss you more than you will ever know. You have truly made me so proud.