Friday, February 26, 2010

Snow... inside and out!

On Tuesday snow headed our way here in Killeen. We woke up to beautiful, big flakes and a snowy blanket covering our backyard. For a second I thought we were back in Colorado (especially since the next day was sunny and beautiful, with melting snow!) What made it even doubly enjoyable was that Jeremiah was able to spend the day with us. On a side note: It's totally funny to see a state who doesn't get much snow freak out about the conditions of the roads. We've driven in much worse in Colorado, and they would never cancel schools and close down post for what we got. But hey, if they want to close down post, that is totally ok to have my husband home for a free day =) I'm certainly not complaining!

So, between my nausea (thanks baby kline =) and Ethan's longing to go outside (he doesn't have any snow gear that fits him anymore!) I returned to my friend Keri's blog for some inside messy fun. The only items I had on hand from the ideas were toilet paper, water and bars of soap (which we usually don't have bar soap, but we are gathering packs for Jeremiah's deployment and just happen to have them on hand). It was our lucky day. We opted to make "Clean Mud". Ethan loved it and it killed time while waiting for the day to pass. He even "tasted" it, which was funny and the expressions he gave were priceless =) He began gently tossing some of the "mud" on my kitchen floor, which made me realize how dirty the floor was and how much I need to clean it. So he "helped" me clean patches of the tiles on the floor! When the mud fun was over, I felt so energized to mop the floor, which is totally weird seeing as how the nesting phase is still months away. But nothing can come between me and the lovely smell of Pine Sol, not even nausea. Just call me Monica, from Friends!

Here are some snapshots I took from the days events and the recipe for "Clean Mud" via Keri's blog =) Thanks again girl! You not only gave me a great idea, but the idea motivated me to clean my kitchen floor-I shouldn't have been so excited, but I was. =)

Before we embarked on our adventurous "clean" mud, Ethan was hamming it up for the camera. So, I couldn't resist, especially since he usually turns away when Mommy has the camera. It's amazing how many expressions he can make in a matter of 10 seconds =)

Two of my favorites =)

Now on to the mess......

Our Clean Mud

Ethan performing his lovely crawl as he scoots the bowl across the floor.

Clean Mud
1 roll of toilet paper
1 bar of soap
1 quart of water

Take the roll of toilet paper and let your kids tear it up into little pieces. Then get a bar of soap and grate it into little bits with a cheese grater on top of the toilet paper. Start adding a little water and stirring it all up. The toilet paper will start to dissolve and get kind of fluffy and moldable. If it gets a little runny, you've added too much water. Better get another roll of toilet paper......

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  1. I'm glad he had fun! His expressions are priceless!