Tuesday, February 24, 2009

On the Road Again....

to NEBRASKA! We finally had a weekend to visit Jeremiah's family in Nebraska.  Jeremiah loves to "road" trip but quickly realized that traveling with an infant is much, much different than before. Ethan was wonderful until the last 2 hour, crying with a mixture of his infamous "cat" cry and his tired cry. These two combos are not good! Between teething and being much more mobile, he didn't quite like being confined to his car seat. But we trucked on through, while Ethan finally fell asleep :) :)

The weekend was so relaxing, just what we needed! I realized when we arrived to Jeremiah's parent's home that Jeremiah and I hadn't been there as a "married" couple before...what a thrill! We got to sleep in the same room this time!! It was extra meaningful as this was our first time as a family and Jeremiah's first time back to his hometown in 1 1/2 years. We had delicious meals, wonderful conversations and saw lots of family!

I think the most meaningful time was on Sunday, when both Grandma's (Great-Grandma's to Ethan) came over for ice cream and brownies! To see 2 sets of 2 generations in the same room was just so precious and priceless. It was a little sad for me since both sets of my grandparents are with the Lord. I wish they could have known Ethan and loved on him, they would just be in awe of him. I am thankful for Grandma Carlson and Grandma Kline, that they could see Ethan, hold and love on him. I will post some precious (I keep using this word, but I guarantee you this is the ONLY word that described that time!) photos of this weekend when I've got more time. To make it even more special, Feb.22, Sunday is a very special and emotional day for the Carlson family. Jeremiah's grandfather (Grandma Carlson's husband) had passed away 5 years ago. Just being together on that day was quite special! ( On a side note, Jailyn, a cousin of Jeremiah's, gave birth to a baby girl on Sunday!) New Life!! God truly works and is and cares about every detail of our lives, even the day we are born.

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