Monday, November 2, 2009

Carving and Costumes

The season is upon us! Time for carving those pumpkins, roasting some seeds and making pies. We began the Halloween festivities on Friday night with a little pumpkin carving. I must say I haven't carved one of these things in years, probably since I was a youngin (yes, I did say youngin~maybe the Texas draw is getting to me:) Anyways, we carved 3 pumpkins, one for each of us. It was awesome to see Ethan's expressions as he dipped his hands into the messy goo of strings and seeds. He kept rubbing his hands together after and would laugh. His new thing now is to clap after everything! So, after we carved each pumpkin he would clap :) Ethan didn't go trick or treating this year...he sacked out after running around the house with his costume on.

I love this age. He is so full of energy and has the best time learning (feeling new things, trying new things, etc). It's awesome to be able to pass down traditions that J and I did when we were kids.

Oh, the wonder....

The guests of honor!

Changing into the costume was a bit of a show, really. I wish someone had a camera on us to witness this event:) We finally got Ethan into his puppy costume, although he didn't like it much and tried to take the ears off. But, he is the cutest puppy I've ever seen! (and Indiana, too!)

All of our photos of him are action shots. He would not sit still long enough for us to take a photo of him! He is quite the busy little bee =)

About to watch, "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!" He must like Charlie Brown in this family (especially since his mommy has "Charlie Brown Christmas" memorized...sad, I know!), if not I might have to disown him. =) Just Kidding.....


  1. Excuse me missy, did you not participate in our Halloween pumpkin carving contest in 2005? Ethan absolutely makes the most adorable puppy!

  2. I totally don't remember that....I been very forgetful lately...opps! Thank you!