Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Re-united and it feels so good......

This song has been stuck in my head pretty much since we started this amazing 10 week marriage bible study. After trying out a couple of churches, we found one that we love: Grace Bible Church. It's just what we were looking for- -more up-beat music (I love some good worship music), a great pastor whose sermons keep you wanting more and really make you think, and some friendly faces. (Not to mention that their nursery is awesome-our church in Colorado Springs did not have a nursery for Ethan) Plus, we just had this amazing feeling that we belonged there. And they have a Heroes at Home Sunday school class for wives of deployed soldiers- - can't wait to get into that in a few months. Now, the first time we went, I didn't like it. I recommend going to a new church at least 3 weeks in a row, just to make sure =)

So, onto our study-- it has been a real eye-opener, to say the least. The object of this study was to help Re-unite couples, whose husbands had just gotten home from a deployment. So, needless to say, this was right up our alley. Even though Jeremiah has been home for over a year, he will be leaving in June for 12 months in Afghanistan. We can always spruce up our relationship =)The topics that were discussed, like the obvious 'communication', really struck a nerve with both of us, because we thought we communicated so well. Oh, no =) One week there was a topic of problem-solving (how do we handle disagreements with our spouses) and even one about intimacy =) Our teachers, Adam and Laura, had tons of information and experience to share. It was wonderful to know that just because your christians doesn't always mean you have the 'perfect' marriage. But it's how you pull through the hard times and stick it out, never using the "D" word as a way out. We definitely have some great ways and scriptures to lean on when those pesky 12 months of deployment get in the way.

So, Sunday was our last study together--we were always looking forward to Sunday nights and very sad to see our time with new friends ending. I was really excited all week, because we knew that they were planning something special & we even got to dress up. But, wow, we had no idea...

There was candlelight, soft and fun music, roses for each lady, our teachers served us our awesome food, and we all had the opportunity to renew our marriage vows! It was an amazing experience that I will always treasure--alone time (short of =) with my man. Oh, and did I mention that they had free childcare throughout these 10 weeks?! Our teachers, Adam and Laura, really went all out of us and made our evening so special.

So, onto some photos......

Ethan and Jeremiah goofing off!

Ethan looking at our church steeple-he gets so excited about it and points to it every time!

Self~portrait--you can never have too many!

Our marriage covenant and rose!

And me, in all my glorious belly.

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  1. Mary-Anne! I got your msg with your blog address and had to look you up! :) Loved reading this. That Bible study sounds amazing and I think I started crying when you told about the special night they had planned. I hope you guys are doing well and your having fun being pregnant again! you are so beautiful! (Liz Carlson :)