Friday, July 2, 2010

Big Dreams.

Oh, baby girl
how I love you already.
You are 27 weeks old today.
I heard your heart beating this week.
I feel you move constantly.
Which I would appreciate if it wasn't while I'm sleeping =)

I've dreamed about you. 
Your Daddy has dreamed about you. 
He isn't here right now, but I know you know his voice already.
He loves you so much.
You already have him wrapped around your finger.

You also know your big brother's voice too.
Hopefully when you arrive he won't wake you up from too many naps. 
He will be the man of the house until your Daddy comes back.
It's good to have a brother.
You will love him and fight with him many times.
You will also conspire with him and he will teach you things.
Some good, some not so good.
But the best thing about having a brother is:
 He will be your best friend & your confidant.
Even when you get older.
Especially since you two will be so close in age.
I can say this because I had the BEST brother.
He will always defend you.

We have given you a name, but it will be a surprise on your birth-day. 
Know that you are already loved so much.

The pinks and lavenders are filling the closet.
You bring sunshine into our lives.
You complete our family.
You are our 2nd dream come true.

Your Heavenly Father loves you.
Even more than we could ever possibly love you.
We will guide you and teach you His truth everyday.
You can always trust and count on Him, for He will never fail you.
He has a purpose for your life.
 We are excited to bare witness to His plan for you,
our dear daughter.


  1. I love this, Mary-Anne! Just precious! Love, Mom

  2. Oh - I didn't know it was a girl! YEAH! So much fun!