Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Missing Daddy.

Jeremiah has only been gone for almost 7 weeks (totally not counting, right?! =) Ethan has been wonderful and we've gotten into a routine. He mentions Daddy in photos on our walls, listens to Daddy's voice before bed time and we pray for Daddy every night. 

But recently we've gotten into such a routine that I haven't played many videos of Daddy. We recorded a whole bunch before he left-Daddy reading (some of Ethan's favorite books!) to Ethan and playing with Ethan. By his reaction to "seeing" Daddy on Sunday and Monday nights, I realized that Ethan has to watch a video everyday-even if it's a video we've seen a billion times-all he wants to see is Daddy. He especially loves the ones of him and Daddy playing-it really is hilarious to watch him, watching himself =) 

So tonight, as I was making dinner, he got out, by himself, some albums and pointed out Daddy. It really broke my heart. He isn't at the age to "cry" over Daddy not being here but certainly misses him. It hurt my heart to see Ethan longing for his Daddy. He misses the rowdy-ness, the piggyback rides (which I certainly can not give him or it would be funny to watch!) and all the things that Daddies are especially awesome for! 

It was easy the first time Daddy was gone. Ethan was a newborn and didn't know any different and all he needed was me to survive. I'm really seeing the reality of deployments on children, and I only have one. I can't imagine mothers who have 2-4 or 5 children. All I can do as Ethan's mother is give him lots more attention and just love on him. Things are changing all around us as we will be welcoming baby girl in just 2 short months. I'm thoroughly enjoying this time with my precious boy, but I wish and long with all my heart that Jeremiah could be here. 

We miss you and love you Daddy!


  1. That is really sad:( Poor little Ethan! Such a huge price to pay for everyone, but especially the little guys.

  2. So sweet! I love all of you! I'm so glad that you have the photo books, the videos, and the storytelling, of Jeremiah and Ethan! God bless Jeremiah, Ethan and You! And Little Miss, too!
    Love and Prayers, Mom

  3. That broke my heart! We live in an area with very little military around. Most people in my community just don't understand or even think about what deployment does to families; myself included.

    It was a great idea to do all those videos and I hope they help you get through this. I just can't even believe you are on your 3rd deployment Mary Anne. I will be praying for you guys. You are a precious family and I know that you can get through this.

    Much love,