Friday, April 16, 2010

In the swing, again.

Most of you know that my long time hobby and passion has been for scrap booking. It's no secret, really. If you've ever visited me, I've probably whipped out several scrapbooks of my sorority/college years, my and Charlie's wedding, our first year of marriage, my girlfriends in Colorado (that was a FUN scrap booking time =) and an in memory album of Charlie's deployment and later the newspaper clippings/photos of the many memories and statues that have his name and many others on it to honor those that have given the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom (a little passionate about that one =) I was even a Creative Memories seller and guru for awhile. Well, my light for scrap booking went out soon after Charlie's death and has not returned...until now.

I've been recently ignited back into my passion due to the fact that Ethan doesn't have a scrapbook, Jeremiah and I don't have a scrapbook and this next child needs a scrapbook. I vowed to myself to have Ethan's 1st year done before this next baby arrives, which is probably a very high expectation, but I intend to triumph! Here is where Michael's came to my rescue...

This is my first 2 pieces (top is separate from bottom) of my new scrap booking and craft table (obviously the table part is missing). I still have and would like many more storage cubes and the table that connects them, eventually. I found these at Michael's for a pretty good price. And the best part is is that you can add as many storage cubes or as few as you would like. So the cost is really up to how big or how small you want your creating center! I hope to get a couple more pieces, since this only holds 1/3 of my scrap booking/stamping supplies. Stay tuned....

Off topic:
A new christian artist who you've probably heard of is Francesca Battistelli. I ended up getting her cd several months ago when it was $5 at Family Christian bookstore. I'm totally digging her new song, 'Beautiful, Beautiful'. Her voice is unique and pretty amazing. My sister in love, Shannon just introduced me to another song on this "My Paper Heart" cd called 'Behind the Scenes.' So if you dig christian solo artist's music, download some songs or by the cd-pretty awesome.

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  1. love your organizational tools! and as someone who greatly enjoyed perusing your scrapbooks, i'm glad that you're back into it, too!